A kiss.

For our wedding 6 years ago, we had planned an outdoor ceremony in the courtyard of The Four Seasons and specifically hired a photojournalist to document the day by taking us all around the city.

And then it decided to rain.

So most of our photos from that day had to be taken indoors.

But, thankfully, because we are free-spirited and our photographer was creative, we came up with some cool things, one of which being a pitch black photo shoot in the basement of the hotel, lit only by a small spotlight behind us, as we leaned in, slowly, for a kiss.

The result was really cool and loving and romantic.

I had them framed long ago as a series and framed in our old bedroom and I just found them in a box in my basement, so I plan to give some of these photos a new home.

photo 1 photo 2

The final pic in The Kiss series is the most intimate of all; it is essentially just my lips, the moment before contact.

photo 3

and so, this morning, I added it, in the mirrored frame, to our hall wall.

photo 4And added the next to last shot, where we are close to touching, in a beautiful feathered frame on my husband’s bedside table, in a frame given to me by a fine, feathered friend.

photo 5I love that these photos now grace our new home, a memory of a most special day,

and a most lovely kiss.



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