Views on an early Sunday morning in February.

February can be a month of cruel cold and bleakness, so I think, as always, it is important to try to take note of the views in your home that bring you some brightness or peace.

This morning, as we prepare for yet another storm, I savored some of the views in my home that gave me a warm feeling inside.

photo 2

Ivy creeping up our kitchen window.
photo 3

My precious dried lavender in silhouette.
photo 4

My favorite purple flowers in beautiful blue.
photo 1

Our snowy rooftop; texture and glass. photo 2A unique perspective on the beautiful stone of our neighbor’s house; A kaleidescope…

photo (36)

resting on two first edition signed books: Kurt Vonnegut’s Hocus Pocus and Thomas McGuane’s Ninety-Two in the Shade. 

And we are resting in our warm slippers and sweats in the living room.


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