The next stop on our wall journey.

This addition took some creativity.

I tried to have the lyrics to one of our favorite songs, Neutral Milk Hotel’s “In an Aeroplane Over the Sea”, printed, but they got messed up. But I decided that we know the lyrics well enough that if some of the words can adorn our wall, it can work. And so, here is our newest piece of our hearts that is displayed on our wall.

photo (41)The lyrics to the song are

But for now we are young

let us lay in the sun

and count every beautiful thing we can see…

And though they aren’t clear (or even in order) on our new gallery of a wall, we will always be able to look at them, and conjure the memory of actually being young and in the sun, lying on the beach together on Kaanapali Beach in Maui, the month before we conceived our daughter, when we were staring at mountains that looked like the set from Lost and we felt like the world was so big, all while listening to this song.

In case you want to listen, too.


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