Piles. Not Pretty.

I like to feature things on this site that are pretty. Or creative. Or that will give ideas or inspire. Or that I am proud of. But I also like to keep it real.

And one source of house messiness is the abundance of piles that occur, daily, made by one, husband dear. He is the best, kindest man. But he leaves his crap everywhere. Case in point (and this was literally just what I was faced with this evening after dinner):

photo 1_4 photo 2_3 photo 3_2 photo 4 photo 5 photo 1_7

I couldn’t have staged this if I tried. Two ties. How many accessories does one man wear in one day?! photo 2_6And perhaps you remember that I just purchased this attractive, decorative and functional basket to inconspicuously hold all of these things like stray hats, bibs, burp cloths and the rest of our daily clutter. But no. I live in a home of piles. I drown in a sea of piles. Puddles of piles. See? The piles are making me crazy.

So husband. Get your crap together. Literally. I love you. Thanks again for letting me buy that lamp!

To be continued…


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