Some Pretty Views.

It is so important that, regardless of what your design aesthetic may be, your home feels like a sanctuary. It will never be perfect, there will always be room for improvement, but if you can find little spots, or tiny views, that please you, you can be happy when, for instance, stuck inside with a baby on a bitter cold day.

Here are a view pretty views that caught my eye today that gave me just a moment of peace and happiness.

photo 1_2Watching as the ivy creeps up my dining room window. (By the way, I’m aware that Ivy on a house isn’t actually a good thing and can cause problems, but it’s so darn pretty.)

photo 2

A burst of my favorite purple in one of my favorite spotsphoto 3Looking at the snow as it laces the tops of the arborvitae next door, through my crystal cherub.

Sometimes, there’s nothing cozier than seeing the outside, while warm and cozy inside your home.


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