Home Goods Friday.

I’m not saying Home Goods Friday is a thing. It might end up becoming one. Just because we’re now (mom and I) on a first name basis with the cashiers doesn’t mean it’s a thing, right? It’s kind of a thing.

So anyway, when I’m at home goods I pick up everything I see and then edit later.

So this is what one of my carts looks like:

photo 1

And this is the other: photo 2 And this is what ended up making it with me–post (PAINFUL) edits–to the check-out line. The lamp above in the first cart…how I love that lamp. But my mom convinced me that I don’t have a great place for it. And for 100 bucks, that’s a decent argument. She also convinced me that I needed a nicer hand towel for my powder room. And for 5 bucks, that also seemed to make sense. photo 3

She also made out with some goodies of her own…
photo 4_2

So here is how my home goods finds made it into the home. First, a few little additions to my (yet to be blogged) powder room. Paper hand towels with feathersphoto 1_2

and possibly an improvement below. Though I still like my little leopard ones (more on that later). photo 2_2

Below is the basket I found, which will serve as as a home for all of the baby crap we had been throwing in the corner upon entering the house after being out (like blankets and scarves and hats). Now it has a discreet spot. I like. photo 1_4

And finally, our newest elephant friend. He has a home in the nursery. And his trunk is up (the only kind of elephant I will buy). We need all the luck we need. photo 2_2So that’s how my Home Goods Friday enhanced my home in a very small way, using a very tiny budget. Maybe this will be a thing? Should it? And husband…your answer does not count.



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