Keeping it real.

A question I have been fielding over and over again is about the tidiness of my home with two kids under 4.

I will admit, I make an effort to keep things neat, to straighten up when I leave each room, and I deliberately laid out my house and it’s rooms to avoid having kid clutter everywhere. BUT, we are still real people. And I just walked into the sunroom for the first time in two days to find this:

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3Does this kind of mess irk me a bit? Yes.

Am I endlessly glad that the sunroom has French doors that can be closed, shielding me from this mess for the next few hours before I have time to attend to it? You bet.

Will my daughter be straightening this up first thing when she gets home from school? Better believe it.

But is it a big deal? Nope. Not one bit. That’s why this isn’t just my house. It’s our home. And truth be told, I’m a little bit proud of her; because that little tea set up she created, with cups she painted herself? That’s pretty cool.  And I’d take a little bit of messy life than neat nothing

any. day.



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